I absolutely love my home made moisturizer and just have to share it with you all. It’s ridiculously easy to “make”.   I apply it on my belly 3 times a day now that I’m 30 weeks pregnant.  I just don’t trust the generic brands to moisturize my ever expanding belly, so I took matters into my own hands. Here’s how:

1. Organic pressed virgin coconut oil (the kind used for cooking.) Put into a jar or container of choice.

Coconut oil provides natural skin protection, by screening 20% of ultraviolet exposure. It’s rich in vitamin E, which help heal minor cuts, burns and scars.  It’s antioxidant, antibacterial and antimicrobial richness make it a perfect ant-aging moisturizer.

2. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, I used lavender and sandalwood.  Stir and let settle.

IF YOU ARE PREGNANT, do not use essential oils until you have done some research and talked to your doctor.  Essential oils are plant extracts that are very powerful and potent  and can have a significant impact on your body when applied to your skin. Some essential oils can even induce labor. Use only 1 drop.  (I only added 2 drops lavender + sandalwood to 1 whole jar of coconut oil.)

Lavender is considered safe to use after 12 weeks, reduces pregnancy aches and pains, a great oil to help you feel balanced, calm and relaxed.

Sandalwood is a great oil to use if you’re having trouble sleeping, it acts as a natural sedative and anti-depressant.

-Store at room temperature (70 degrees f or 18-20 c)